2021: Go With Your Gut

With 2020 (thankfully) behind us, many of us will embark on the time-honored tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that 80% of us will also keep with the time-honored tradition of BREAKING our New Year’s resolutions. This year, instead of making a lofty New Year’s resolution, make a simple one- to keep your gut healthy.

Your health starts in your gut, more specifically, with your gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria, also known as your gut microbiome, impact every aspect of your health. They not only help with digestion but can also enhance your athletic performance. Our microbiome boosts immunity and acts as our first line of defense against invading pathogens. New research has shown a connection between your gut and your brain- the gut-brain axis. A healthy microbiome can give your mood a lift and can fight against anxiety and depression (something we could all use!).

A simple way to improve your gut health is with probiotics! Probiotics are microorganisms that, when consumed, are beneficial. You can easily make gut health a priority by incorporating probiotics into your everyday routines. Probiotics come in many forms including gummies, capsules, foods such as yogurt, and even powders that can be added to any food or drink! We encourage you to find the probiotic that fits into your existing routines. If you take supplements, vitamins, or medications daily; add a capsule or gummy probiotic! If you drink flavored water; consider switching to probiotic-enhanced flavored water! If you are a foodie; consider exploring probiotic foods such as tempeh, kimchi, or cheeses (like Gouda) with active probiotics!

The majority of New Year’s resolutions center on either quitting a bad habit or creating a new one.  New habits can be readily established if you ensure that they are easy.  In his book #AtomicHabits, James Clear says that “the seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision”. This year, resolve to make the tiny and easy decision to make gut health a habit.