Water quality and disease pressures are the two largest obstacles for shrimp producers to overcome to maintain high survival and harvest yields. Bacterial and viral diseases can devastate a pond or whole complex, and due to seasonal and cyclical limitations farms are constantly monitoring the health of the ponds.


Antibiotics are very strictly regulated in aquaculture production.  Probiotics – especially Bacillus species – are gaining popularity in shrimp farms as an alternative to antibiotics for their health and water quality benefits

Bacillus probiotics require very specific conditions in order to be activated – only a small number will become active naturally. Without the process of activation, spores will stay dormant indefinitely – which makes them good for storage but their low activity levels do not give full benefits to shrimp production.


Our activated probiotic technology found in the ACTPRO and ECOcharger systems commits our carefully selected Bacillus spore formulas to activate and become vegetative immediately when they are delivered to the ponds

Vegetative cells do all the work:

  • Enzyme production
  • Immune system support
  • Water quality improvement
  • Competitive exclusion



Inactive Bacillus Spores

  • Bacillus spore bacteria require specific nutrients and conditions to activate
  • If conditions are met, spores take 4-6 hours to activate
  • If not activated, most pass  through the gut in dormant form or are dormant until they are removed with the water
  • Requires large amounts of bacteria to have an impact, most probiotics are included at high levels in the feed



Activated Bacillus Spores

  • We provide the exact conditions for each strain to activate
  • Over 95% of our spores are committed to activate and grow
  • Our probiotics are awake and growing within 1 hour of addition to the pond, producing enzymes and enhancing water quality
  • Supporting gut function and immune health with activated probiotic bacteria



Our probiotic technologies and farm solutions provide aquaculture facilities with the tools they need to support healthy shrimp and healthy farms