Broiler farms face a number of challenges: feed costs have been rising significantly in 2020 and continue to rise in 2021, pressure to reduce antibiotic use and fluctuating prices of meat. Our Activated Probitoic Technology has helped our poultry customers achieve significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Feed conversion efficiency- We have seen an average FCR improvement of 6 points as our proprietary strains produce the right enzymes for the right food group, optimizing digestion. (1)
  • Percent yield improvement – Studies have shown as much as an 8% improvement in yield using our LF-88 activated probiotic as it optimizes nutrient absorption and microbiota health. (2)
  • Controlling Mortality – Consistently observing a 43% reduction in mortality using our LF-88 activated probiotic. (3)
  • Odor Control – Our activated probiotics reduce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide while reducing diarrhea, creating a healthier environment.This ultimately leads to improvements in respiratory health. (4)
  • Salmonella reduction – Our customers have seen on average a 77% reduction of Salmonella in the ceca giving us an advantage over competitors. Our activated probiotic competitively excludes Salmonella. (5)



As antibiotics are phased out and highly regulated in most markets, farmers are looking for alternatives to support bird health and improve production efficiency. Probiotics have been used in combination with many products, however, there has not been a conclusive acceptance that existing probiotic technologies can perform as well as antibiotics.

Probiotics have been in the market for over 30 years. Current technology has divided the probiotic into two segments, live, active and dormant bacillus. Live, active probiotics such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus have no natural dormant state making them susceptible to ph and stomach acidity, killing most of the bacteria before it makes it to the small intestine. On the other hand, dormant Bacillus spores are so stable that many do not activate until they have already passed through the small intestine. Current technology has been linked to inconsistency because of the lack of beneficial colonization of bacteria.

Current probiotic technology has little activity in the small intestine, most take 4-6 hours to begin working, by then they have passed through most of the gut

Our patented ACTPRO technology begins activating in less than 1 hour, to provide immediate benefits with increased colonization in the small intestine. Activation is the process of “waking up” bacteria, from a dormant state to a growing state. This growing state is critical because probiotics only provide direct benefits when they are activated and growing. Timing is key – our activation technology delivers probiotic bacteria with over 95% of the cells activated and ready to begin growing as soon as they reach the upper small intestine. This is what makes our New Technology different from the rest.

What does our New Technology do for poultry? Our patented formula full of activated Bacillus provides full benefits when consumed.

  • Immune system stimulation competitively excludes pathogens such as Salmonella. 
  • Increased enzyme production for FCR improvement, providing optimal nutrient absorption
  • Reduced mortality rates which increase farm profitability
  • Increased weight gain



Dormant Bacillus Spores:

  • Bacillus spore bacteria require specific nutrients and conditions to activate
  • If conditions are met, spores take 4-6 hours to activate
  • If not activated, most pass through the gut in dormant form
  • Requires large amounts of bacteria to have an impact, most probiotics are included at high levels in the feed


Activated Bacillus Spores:

  • We provide the exact conditions for each strain to activate
  • Over 95% of our spores are committed to activate and grow
  • Our probiotics are awake and growing as soon as they reach the optimal conditions of the small intestine
  • Efficiency of delivery to birds in the drinking water, higher consumption rates
  • Supporting gut function and immune health with activated probiotic bacteria


Our probiotic technologies and farm solutions provide broiler producers with the tools they need to support healthy birds and healthy farms